Folks Are Sharing The Weekend Rules They Follow

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Most people spend their whole week looking forward to the weekend, so it’s totally understandable that people take their weekends very seriously. And for many, that includes rules they always follow in order to enjoy it. Well, now people are sharing what some of those rules are.

It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question, “What are the weekend rules you follow?,” and plenty of people were happy to share. 

Weekend rules include:

  • “I do not Cook on Fridays. Friday is for going out or take out.”
  • “Never ever ever check my emails. Leave that sh*t for Monday.”
  • “Can’t start drinking until noon or later.”
  • “No sleeping after 12pm and before 8pm, otherwise my sleep schedule is f**ked.”
  • “No anything-work-related on Sundays. Just relaxing the whole day. Unfortunately, Saturday is my busiest day of the week.”
  • “What rules? There are rules? I just do whatever the f**k I want...”
  • “I don't workout on Saturday or Sunday.”
  • “I don't sleep in more than 1/2 hour from when I get up on weekdays.”
  • “Unless I have specific plans that involve going out I put on a fresh pair of pajamas to wear around home on Sundays.”
  • “Mimosas at Sunday brunch set the intention for the day.”
  • “One day is to stay in and relax. I already leave the house 4/5 days a week for work. I deserve at least one day for nothing.”
  • “Not to do things that I do on weekdays. Otherwise it is not a weekend.”
  • “Sunday is me day. Nobody contact me unless it’s an emergency. I sleep in, get buzzed and relax.”

Source: Reddit

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