Girl Missing for Nine Years Reunited With Family

Child Missing!

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A girl in Mumbai, India, who went missing in 2013 is finally located and reunited with her family. Between 2008 and 2015, 166 girls went missing in the Andheri West neighborhood of Mumbai, and before his retirement in 2015, Detective Rajendra Bhosle and his team were able to save 165 of them. The one missing girl that he didn’t find, he never gave up on, searching for her for years after his retirement. Now, after almost ten years, that girl is back home with her family.

On January 22nd, 2013, then seven-year-old Pooja Gaud was abducted by Harry D’Souza while walking to school. D’Souza and his wife Soni were having trouble conceiving a child of their own and he saw Pooja walking alone and thought she was the answer to their problem. When the police got involved and a campaign to locate Pooja started picking up steam, D’Souza sent her hundreds of miles away to his rural home village. Then in 2016, when the search for Pooja seemed to have tapered off, D’Souza brought her back to Mumbai and put her to work as a babysitter to help support his family.

Earlier this year, Pooja shared details of her life with a coworker in the home where she was babysitting and the woman helped her unlock the story of her abduction, which she had no memory of. They Googled her name and found a missing-person poster for her from 2013 and were able to contact her family through a former neighbor. The family alerted the police and on August 4th, almost ten years since she went missing, Pooja was finally reunited with her family. When detective Bhosle found out about the girl being found, he was relieved, because even though it’s been seven years since his retirement, he never stopped searching for her.

Source: Firstpost

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