Missing Dog Found Five Years Later

Lost Dog Poster

Photo: Getty Images

A Texas family is shocked when their dog who was stolen almost five years ago is found over 600 miles away. In January of 2018, someone took the Malstrom family’s two-year-old German shepherd, Sheba, from their front yard in rural Baytown, Texas. The family went to their neighbor’s house for a few minutes and while they were out, their surveillance camera caught someone taking off with their dog.

The family put up flyers and searched for days, but couldn’t find Sheba. Their story was even featured on the local news, but the mystery of where Sheba ended up never being solved. That is until recently when Stephanie Malmstrom received a text saying that Sheba had been picked up by Animal Control in Borger, Texas, more than 600 miles away.

Officer Jared Harper with Borger Animal Control spotted Sheba on the street and knew right away that she was no ordinary stray. Sheba was scanned for a microchip and that’s when they realized that she had a family clear across the state. The family is excited to be getting their beloved dog back and is currently working with an organization that will fly Sheba home.

Source: ABC 13

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