Bride Wonders If She's Wrong For Editing Photos At Her Wedding

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We all know wearing white to a wedding is a no-no, but one bride has sparked a big debate online after she edited her photos to change the color of the dress her sister-in-law wore to the big day.

The woman explains on Reddit’s “Am I The A-Hole” forum that her sister-in-law wore a dress with a white top and black bottom and while she didn’t make a big deal about it at the wedding, she had some concerns when the photos came back. She said that in certain photos the white top made her SIL “pop out” so she asked the photographer to edit the photos to make the SIL’s top grey, and they did.

The problem came when the SIL saw the pictures. She was upset and asked if the photographer could send her the originals, but when the bride asked she found out it would be an extra cost and told the SIL she’d have to pay for them. Well, that became an issue because the bride says the SIL started “talking sh*t about me behind my back,” and when asked why she cared so much, the SIL said it was because she “really looks good in white,” noting she “specifically” bought the outfit for the wedding so she’d look good in pictures. She also accused the bride of being “insecure.”

The bride was wondering whether she was in the wrong, and opinions on Reddit were mixed.

  • Many supported the bride, noting that the SIL should have known not to wear white.
    • “She wore white to a wedding. She’s lucky you were nice about it and just grayed where she’s standing next to you,” one person commented.
  • Some pointed out that the SIL was particularly in the wrong because she admitted to specifically buying white for the wedding.
    • As one person commented, “she's actually the [asshole] for knowingly trying to stand out on someone else's special day."
  • But others think the bride is wrong since it wasn’t like the SIL was wearing an all-white outfit that could be mistaken for a wedding dress.
    • “She wore an outfit where just the top half was white to a wedding; it's not like she showed up in a white lacy ball gown,” one noted. “Did OP also edit out every man who was wearing a white dress shirt?"
  • And then there were those who pointed out the SIL was in the wrong for demanding photos from the wedding.
    • “If she wants good portraits, she can pay for her own photographer and photo shoot, not piggyback off your wedding photos," someone shared. 

Source: Buzzfeed

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