People Reveal Things They Like To Do The Old-Fashioned Way

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These are exciting times we’re living in. We have cars that drive themselves and modern conveniences like air fryers to make our lives easier, but even with all these advances, some things in life don’t need improvement. A thread on Ask Reddit has people sharing “the one thing they still prefer to do the old-fashioned way - regardless of technology.” These are some of the top responses that may have you rethinking the appeal of old school activities:

  • Physical board games - “Most of the app versions of the games I like aren't that great. Plus, it's more fun to play with someone.”
  • Photos - “There’s something satisfying and nostalgic about seeing the physical photos. I have my favorites displayed in frames, so I can see them every day. Makes me happy.”
  • Reading a book - “Love to have a book where I can turn the pages.”
  • Drawing - “I never really got the hang of digital art. It's much easier and more satisfying for me to have all of the tactile input from my work.”
  • Buttons for cars - “I refuse to buy a car that only uses a touch screen for everything. Much safer to not have to fiddle with a touch screen while driving.”
  • Physical menus at restaurants - “I’m with the boomers on this one”
  • CDs - “I hate streaming music…I like having ownership of what I listen to.”
  • Planners - “I am 100% team paper planner. It’s so much easier to flip to a monthly spread and see all my meetings, etc. at once than having to open every d*mn day on my phone to see what’s there. I collect fountain pens, so any excuse to hand write is a good excuse.”
  • Driving a manual car - “No matter how advanced and on point automatic cars are, controlling a manual stick is just so much fun.”
  • Cookbooks - “My grandma always had a library of them and I enjoy the nostalgia of going through them. Plus I like to dog ear the pages.”
  • Non-online dating - “I feel online dating robs us of the best things of meeting new people, the thrill you get when you catch someone eyeing you a couple of times and the excitement of approaching, and the hotness of seducing each other … None of that can be provided by dating apps.”

Source: Reddit

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