Video Of The Home Anne Heche Crashed Into Is Released

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New video from the aftermath of Anne Heche’s tragic crash has been released.

Shots from inside the home show Anne’s car plowed completely into the building, obliterating everything in its path. Luckily, Lynne Mishele had just left the area the Mini Cooper ended up in to do chores.

Celeb attorney Shawn Holley has stepped in to help Lynne deal with the aftermath… and that does NOT include a lawsuit. She stressed "I am only here to help Lynne go through the process of dealing with insurance companies so that she can start rebuilding her life. This was never about lawsuits or making money. She has lost everything and is so appreciative of all the love and support she has received."

Lynne lost nearly everything in the crash and resulting fire. She was renting the home.

See the video and pictures, click HERE .

Source: TMZ

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