A Ship Allows Passengers To Live On Boat Year Round

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A lot of people love cruising, and while most people only do it for a short period of time, there’s now an option to do it permanently. 

Storylines is about to launch its first residential cruise ship, MV Narrative, which will allow people to actually live on the ship. Departing from Croatia in 2024, the ship features 547 residences, with guests allowed to use them as their year-round homes, or as a floating apartment if that’s what they prefer.

The ship features units that range from one to four bedrooms, with most having balconies. Amenities include 20 restaurants and bars, as well as, three pools, a bowling alley, fitness and medical centers and more. 

The ship will sail to six continents, spending three-to-five days in each port. So far the stops haven’t been announced, although it’s expected to include Rome and Naples in Italy, the Greek Island of Santorini, Split, Croatia and more.

  • So, of course, the big question is - how much does it cost to live on a boat year-round? Rooms range from $1 million to $8 million for the ship’s lifetime. Folks can also buy leases that last only 24 years, starting at about $616,000. There are also all-inclusive fees that start at $61,564 a year, depending on the unit size, but that includes most meals, housekeeping, Wi-Fi, laundry, gratuities and more. 

Source: USA Today

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