Princeton Review Rates America’s Colleges

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It’s almost the start of a new college year, and while college will look different for many students this year, it isn’t stopping Princeton Review from coming out with their annual college rankings.

  • The 31st annual list rates schools on everything from best professors, to best financial aid, to even best food.
  • The publication devised their list by surveying 160,000 students at 388 top colleges asking them to rate their schools on dozens of topics and experiences.
  • New to the list this year, is the ranking titled “Green Matters,” which names the colleges with students that have most robust commitment to the environment and conservation on their campus, with the winner being the College of the Atlantic in Maine.
  • For those worried about their kids’ career prospects post-college, Clemson University in South Carolina is tops for “Best Career Services.”
  • Of course, money is a big deciding factor for students and parents, and Vanderbilt University in Tennessee earns the title of “Great Financial Aid.”
  • And what parent doesn’t want their kid to be happy? And if that’s the most important thing for you, send your kid to Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, where they’ve been named the school with the “Happiest Students.” 

Other honors bestowed by Princeton Review include (click here for all the categories): 

  • Best Professors — Reed College (OR)
  • Most Accessible Professors — Williams College (MA)
  • Best-Run Colleges — Rice University (TX)
  • Great Financial Aid —Vanderbilt University (TN)
  • Best Career Services — Clemson University (SC)
  • Best Health Services — United States Air Force Academy (CO)
  • Best Student Support and Counseling Services — United States Military Academy (NY)
  • Best Science Lab Facilities — Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (IN)
  • Best College Library— University of Denver (CO)
  • Most Beautiful Campus — University of San Diego (CA)
  • Best College Dorms — Washington University in St. Louis (MO)
  • Best Campus Food — University of Massachusetts Amherst (MA)
  • Green Matters: Everyone Cares About Conservation — College of the Atlantic (ME)
  • Most Politically Active Students — Hampden-Sydney College (VA)
  • Most Conservative Students—College of the Ozarks (MO)
  • Most Liberal Students—Bennington College (VT)
  • Most Religious Students— Thomas Aquinas College (CA)
  • LGBTQ-Friendly — Mount Holyoke College (MA)
  • Lots of Race/Class Interaction — Rice University (TX)
  • Happiest Students—Tulane University (LA) 
  • Princeton Review has also revealed their annual list of the 388 Best Colleges in America although they don’t rank them in order, just list them alphabetically. Click here for more info on the list.

Source: Princeton Review

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