Donate-What-You-Can Cafe Opens In Virginia

Store open sign hanging on the window

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A new Virginia café offers diners the option to pay what they can for a nutritious meal. A donate-what-you-can café and community arts venue has opened up in downtown Roanoke, Virginia. Ami Trowell and her husband came up with the idea for the community space during the pandemic. Now they’ve turned that idea into a reality with the opening of Ursula’s Café.

The spot is meant as a place for the community to come together and enjoy good food and entertainment regardless of how much money you have. They also have pay-what-you-can books, records, and clothes available, too. Ami and the café’s supporters see it as a good way to give back. “We’re so fortunate, my husband and I and the people that we work with that we have extra,” she says. “There’s just no reason we shouldn’t be able to share that with all the members of our community.”

After only being open for a short while, Ami says the response has been encouraging and she has a message for anyone in the community who is in need. “We’re here. For you,” she says. “We can’t do it all and we can’t fix everything. But we can make sure that you get at least one hot meal.”

Source: WSLS

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