Wife Makes Hubby Live With His Parents Until He Gets A Job

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Fed up with her husband after he secretly quit his job and refuses to look for another one, a wife sent him to live with his parents until he finds work and he’s not happy about it. In a post to Reddit’s “Am I the A-hole” section, she explains that they’ve been married for just over a year and “things couldn’t be rockier.” The 30-year-old woman shares that she has a good job and makes “a decent amount of money” and her husband didn’t make as much, so they decided she would pay the rent and bills while he put money toward other things they need.

The thing is, he didn’t stick to the plan. He cut down on his work hours without consulting her first, then gave her the explanation that she “made plenty of money” for both of them, so he would work part-time and do work around the house. While she was upset about the way he handled it, she agreed. And at first, he did some work around the house, but it didn’t last. “He spent the majority of his time going out to bars and playing video games to the point where I was the one both working and doing the cooking, cleaning and other household chores,” the frustrated wife writes.

Then, in June, he told her he was “laid off for reasons out of his control.” She assumed he would start looking for a new job, but about a week ago, she asked him how the job hunt was going, and he told her that “he didn’t feel like it was worth it” to find another job. She shares that she doesn't make enough money to cover everything and when she confronted her husband about it, he let it slip that he “actually quit his job and never looked for another one.” She was furious about the lying and the job, so she has sent him to live with his parents until he finds work. Now her in-laws are calling her an a-hole and her hubs is too, so she asked Redditors what they think. And they have her back on this one:

  • “Don’t let him back into the house unless you just want a mooch, lazy, roommate,” one writes.
  • “Your husband is totally taking advantage of you,” shares another. “He didn’t give you any choice in any of this - he just made decisions and forced you to go along with them.”
  • And a third comments, “If the situations were reversed, we’d be calling you a gold digger.”

Source: Reddit AITA

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