The Average Person Has More Pictures Of Their Pet Than Family

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New research reveals just how much people love their pets and some of the different things they do to show it. According to a survey of 2,000 cat and dog owners, about a third of them say they treat their pet like royalty and these are just some of the ways they do that.

The poll finds:

  • The average pet parent takes 400 pictures of their pet every year and about a third of them have more photos of their pets on their phones than of their kids or partner.
  • While 35% of respondents have the most photos of their pets, just 27% say they have the most pics of their kids and only 16% claim to have the most of their partner.
  • A quarter of those surveyed have shown their love for their pet by throwing a party just for them and one in six have gotten a tattoo of their pet.
  • Another 25% confess to letting their fur baby kiss them on the mouth.
  • Just over half of pet parents (52%) say they feel incomplete when they’re not with their pet and more than three-quarters (79%) have taken their pet on vacation.
  • Pets also like to stick close to their human’s side, including while they’re cooking (38%), getting ready for bed (37%) and working out (35%).
  • When pet parents make changes in their lives, they also have their furry friends in mind with decisions like moving (27%), buying furniture (33%), and deciding whether or not to buy a home with a yard (32%).
  • And with all that love for their pets, it’s no surprise that nearly half (45%) of owners say their pet sleeps in the bed with them.

Source: SWNS Digital

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