Update On Pregnant Woman Who Got Ticket For Driving In HOV Lane

A pregnant woman touching her stomach

Photo: Getty Images

We told you last month about a Texas woman that was challenging the ticket she received for driving by herself in the “High Occupancy Vehicle” lane because she was pregnant, and by her reasoning, her unborn baby counted as a second occupant in the vehicle because of the abortion ban in Texas. Brandy Bottone didn’t get her day in court because the county District Attorney’s office dismissed the citation without a hearing.

That’s not the end, though, because Brandy got another ticket for the same offense at roughly the same location earlier this month while still pregnant. She says the deputy recognized her and told her he didn’t need to explain what her ticket was for because she already knew. She thought the matter was settled, but now wants to know “Did I get it right or did I get it wrong?”

Source: Chron

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