WATCH: Man Paddles 846-Pound Pumpkin On River To Set World Record

Full Frame - Side Of A Halloween Pumpkin

Photo: Getty Images

They call him Cinderfella. Duane Hansen climbed into an 846-pound pumpkin he spent 10 years growing in Nebraska and paddled down 38 miles of the Missouri River to set a world record on his 60th birthday. Duane hollowed out the pumpkin he named “Berta” and created a cooler inside for the trip.

Duane beat Rick Swenson’s 2016 Guinness World Record for “Longest journey by a pumpkin boat” by paddling the pumpkin for 11 hours. He says it was difficult to make the trip, as water started leaking into the pumpkin. “I ain’t gonna do this again,” Duane said when his trip was finished. “I’m done with this.”

Source: USA Today

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