Woman Who’s “Allergic To Gravity” Spends 23 Hours A Day In Bed

Unmade Bed

Photo: Getty Images

People suffer from some strange allergies, but 28-year-old Lyndsi Johnson may have the strangest. She spends 23 hours in bed every day because, as she told the press, “I’m allergic to gravity.” She suffers from postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, a condition that creates reduced blood volume when a person stands or sits up.

Lyndsi was working as an aviation diesel mechanic for the Navy when the symptoms started. “I can’t stand up for longer than three minutes without feeling faint, being sick, or passing out.” There’s no cure, but she now takes beta blockers that reduce her fainting to three times a day and help with her constant nausea.

Source: New York Post

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