Best Low-Calorie Starbucks Drinks

Starbucks is known for creamy, calorie-laden drinks but they also have plenty of choices for those who want to enjoy a lighter beverage. TastingTable has come up with a list of 16 of their favorites that check in at less than 150 calories.

  • Caffe´misto – equal parts drip coffee and steamed milk with 80 calories for a tall.
  • Espresso con panna – an espresso shot with a dollop of whipped cream, but use a no-calorie sweetener if the taste is too bitter but only 40 calories.
  • Iced matcha latte with almondmilk – 140 calories for the tall drink but using an alternative to 2% milk can cut the calories.
  • Vanilla sweet cream cold nitro brew – only 70 calories for a tall or grande.
  • Chai tea – brewed tea with no calories at all, but you may need to add a pump of vanilla for flavor and sweetness.
  • Iced black tea lemonade – offered in a trenta, or 30-ounce size with only 90 calories.
  • Strawberry Acai Refresher – a sweet drink that only has 130 calories in a 24-ounce venti size.
  • Honey almondmilk flat white – blonde espresso with honey and almondmilk and 120 calories for a tall.
  • Mango Dragonfruit Refresher – made with sugar and grape juice concentrate and is only 70 calories for a large and 130 for a venti.
  • Iced skinny London Fog with sugar-free vanilla – made with 2% milk, vanilla syrup and Earl Grey tea and is 100 calories.
  • Iced Green Tea Lemonade – refreshing, low-calorie drink with only 90 calories in a 30-ounce trenta.
  • Toasted vanilla oatmilk shaken espresso - made with blonde espresso, oatmilk and toasted vanilla syrup at 100 calories for a tall or 140 for a grande.
  • Espresso Frappuccino with almondmilk – the regular Frappuccino has 140 calories for a tall, but using almondmilk shaves a few off of the count.
  • Iced Passion Tango Tea Lemonade – a trenta is only 90 calories and this drink has the flavor of apple, citrus and hibiscus combined with the lemonade.
  • Brown sugar oatmilk shaken espresso – combines blonde espresso, brown sugar syrup, cinnamon power, oatmilk and ice and is only 120 calories for a grande.
  • Pink Drink – a Strawberry Acai Refresher made with coconut milk instead of water and 140 calories for a grande.

The bottom line is that there are plenty of drinks from Starbucks that won’t bust your calorie count!

Source: TastingTable

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