Elegance Expert Reveals 10 Things Classy Women Never Do

Elegant in everything.

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An elegance and etiquette expert is revealing what not to do if you want to be considered “elegant and classy.” Anna Bey shares the top 10 things for women to avoid in order to appear more refined. And she says it really comes down to not making a few social faux pas.

  • Don’t be rude or snarky to another person - Anna says behaving in a passive-aggressive way to someone else is a “sure way to signal you are not an elegant person.”
  • Don’t push your plate away at the end of the meal - Classy people would never do that at a dinner party or a restaurant, according to this expert. Another dinner party faux pas to avoid is being overly helpful. Anna says it’s better to ask your host if they need help with the dishes and doing it if they say “yes,” but not trying to force yourself into the kitchen if they say “no,” because that would be rude.
  • Don’t take your jacket to the table at a restaurant - When dining out at a restaurant, if the host or hostess asks to take your coat or jacket, accept the offer. Anna points out that it’s not considered elegant to sit down to a meal with your jacket over your chair.
  • Don’t go to the bathroom during a meal in a restaurant - Sometimes you’ve got to go, but she says elegant people do their best to wait until the end of the meal to visit the restroom. And whatever you do, don’t announce where you’re going because this expert says that’s definitely not classy.
  • Don’t talk loudly on the phone in public - It’s rude, especially on public transportation.
  • Don’t stare at people - The only acceptable way for curious types to take a closer look at someone is to take a quick glance, Anna insists.
  • Don’t chew gum in public - She says, “elegant people are never seen doing this.”
  • Don’t show the sole of your shoes when you sit down - Instead, angle your feet so the soles are facing the ground.
  • Don’t explain why you can’t attend an event - Elegant people don’t offer reasons, they just say they’re unable to go.
  • Don’t carry a large purse at night - Big bags and totes are for daytime and work only, according to Anna, who says you should only use a clutch or evening bag at night.

Source: Daily Mail

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