Carnival Cruise Line Has Implemented A Curfew For Kids

While cruises can be a really fun time for kids, there comes a point in the day when adults need a break from their children, and now Carnival Cruises is making it a little easier for that to happen.

The cruise line just announced they are implementing a new curfew for minors 17 years and younger. The new rule states that all children must be out of public areas by 1 am, unless they are accompanied by an adult in their party who is 21 years or older. Also, kids involved in a Club O2 or Circle “C” teen activity can also be out later. Plus, most guests under 21 must travel with a relative or guardian who is 25 or older.

As a rep for Carnival noted, “Everyone has a better time when children are supervised, and this guideline is consistent with our commitment to safety.”

  • Of course, the curfew could keep adults with young children from enjoying any night time activities, but Carnival does offer services for parents with kids six months to 11 years old from 10 pm to 1 am, at a cost of $7.50 per hour, per child.

Source: Travel & Leisure

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