Man Questions His Relationship Over How Partner Eats Butter

Close up of butter curl

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No partner is ever really perfect, but in a good relationship most couples learn to live with their S.O.’s imperfections and weird habits. Well, one guy is being urged by some to dump his girlfriend and the reason is pretty strange.

A guy on Reddit recently sparked a huge debate about his girlfriend; specifically the way she eats her butter. The OP shared a picture of his girlfriend’s half-empty tub of butter, but instead of it missing the top half, as it would in most cases, it seems the girlfriend ate one side off the tub. 

“This is how my new partner uses her butter, is she a serial killer based off this information?,” he asked, and apparently some people wouldn’t be able to get past it.

  • One person noted that she was a “digger” not a “scrapper,” with some people calling it a dealbreaker.
  • "I think you’re butter off without her,” one person commented, while another called it “unsettling."
  • But not everyone sees it as an issue. Some pointed out she may be using the butter for baking, which is why she took a chunk out of fit. Another pointed out the positives, noting, “No crumbs, you're good."

Source: The Mirror

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