Secret Code Words Revealed By A Maternity Nurse ‘When A Baby Is Ugly’

Portrait of a 5 month old baby girl

Photo: Getty Images

All babies are cute, right? Apparently not. A Seattle maternity nurse on TikTok has revealed what she was taught to tell new parents if their baby isn’t the most adorable. Miki Rai posted a video titled “What To Do If the Baby Is Ugly?!?!” that explains what her preceptor in nursing school told her to say to parents of unfortunate-looking newborns.

Miki says her teacher told her that “If the baby is cute – you can just tell them the baby’s cute,” but if it’s not…well, “If the baby is ugly, you just tell the parent they look just like them.” She says she doesn’t put this training into use, but she knows nurses that do. One commenter said, “Lol if someone ever tells me my future baby looks just like me now I know.”

Source: New York Post

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