Teabag Used By Queen Elizabeth II For Sale On eBay For $12k

three bags of black tea on a pink background.

Photo: Getty Images

In a very unsurprising move, some people on the internet are trying to cash in on the death of Queen Elizabeth II. One listing on eBay is for a teabag supposedly smuggled out of her residence by an exterminator during a roach infestation in the ‘90s and came with a “Certificate of Authenticity” issued by the “Institute of Excellence in Certificates of Authenticity.”

The tea bag was listed for an eye-popping $12k but was taken down from the auction site by Thursday evening. Other items were listed associated with the late Queen, including two life-sized wax statues for $15,900 each. The “Certificate of Authenticity” for the tea bag says that “the following statements are absolutely true: This is a tea bag.”

Source: New York Post

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