WATCH - ‘Surgeon’ Struggles To Remove LIVE Snake From Woman’s Ear

Woman's ear

Photo: Getty Images

This shocking footage has gone viral of a surgeon allegedly trying to remove a live snake from a woman’s ear. The video has racked up more than 125,000 views and they're speculating whether or not the footage is authentic. “The snake has gone in the ear,” reads the caption to the bizarre Facebook clip, which was posted September 1st by an India-based social media star named Chandan Singh to his 20,126 followers. However, it’s unclear where, when or how this unfortunate event transpired, local outlet the Economic Times reported. In the nearly four-minute clip, an alleged medical practitioner can be seen using tweezers in a desperate attempt to extract a black and yellow serpent that’s peeking its head out from a female patient’s ear. 

Link: New York Post

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