Things True Besties Know About Each Other

Two best friends telling secrets lying in the grass

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A true best friend is your biggest cheerleader, your trusted confidant and your ride or die. No matter whether you’ve been besties since elementary school or you instantly clicked while dealing with that annoying manager at work, the bond you share is like no other. And because of that, you know more about each other than anyone else and still adore each other.

These are things only true best friends know about each other:

  • Text messages - No matter how many typos or mistakes it has, besties can still understand what the other is trying to say in their jumbled messages.
  • Their entire family tree - True best friends know what each other’s relationships with their family are really like, which cousin to avoid at family functions and what their BFF’s relationship is actually like with their mom.
  • Their go-to comfort show - Whether they’re addicted to “The Office” or watch “Gilmore Girls” over and over, their bestie knows.
  • Their pet peeves - From the sound of gum chewing to people who don’t return their shopping cart at the grocery store, best friends know what makes each other’s blood boil.
  • Their travel preferences - Some folks like to arrive at the airport with hours to spare before a flight, others always cut it close and true best friends know what type of traveler each other is, right down to whether they prefer an aisle or window seat on a plane.
  • The piece of jewelry they never take off - Maybe it’s the earrings from their sister or their great-grandma’s ring, BFFs know which jewelry is nearest and dearest to each other.
  • Their go-to hangover food order - When one bestie says, “I just UberEats-ed Shake Shack,” the other knows last night was a long one and their bestie’s day will be spent on the couch.
  • The ex they’d go back to - She may be over him, but if he calls tomorrow or runs into her at a coffee shop, best friends know the one ex that their friend will ignore all red flags to give it another try. And they’ll be there to cheer her on or pick her up if it all falls apart again.

Source: Hello Giggles

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