Folks Tell The Discontinued Things They Want Brought Back

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There’s nothing worse than finding out something you love is no longer around, whether it be a food item, store, etc. Well, now folks are sharing some of those things that they miss the most.

It all started when someone on Reddit posted the question, “What discontinued thing do you really want brought back?,” and plenty of folks were happy to share. 

Responses include:

  • “Surprises in the cereal boxes! Not the "enter two codes inside on our website" bull. Actual, physical THINGS in a package floating somewhere in that box of Cheerios.”
  • “Old cartoon network.”
  • “The dislike option on YouTube.”
  • “Borders bookstores.”
  • “The "real" dollar menu at Mickey D's”
  • “MTV, the one with the music videos.”
  • “An almost adless internet.”
  • “Old school pizza hut.”
  • “Everything not being a subscription. I’d love to buy something and own it, not pay every damn month to use stuff in my own house.”
  • “Butterfinger BB's”
  • “McDonald's fried apple pie.”
  • “I could basically just say “most of the Taco Bell menu…”
  • “All day breakfast at McDonald's”
  • “Headphone jacks on cellphones.”

Source: Reddit

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