Flight To Hawaii With Free Ukuleles & Lessons

Little girl playing ukulele guitar

Photo: Getty Images

Passengers on a flight from California to Hawaii were treated to a mid-flight ukulele lesson. When passengers boarded the plane for a recent Southwest Airlines flight from Long Beach, California, to Honolulu, each passenger found in their seat a new ukulele courtesy of Guitar Center. Then during the six-hour flight, they were given a lesson on how to play “Hello, Aloha. How are you?” before touching down on Oahu.

Guitar Center worked with the airline to arrange the surprise and claims it was the “first ever in-flight ukulele lesson.” Educational affairs specialist for Guitar Center Lessons Alexandra Windsor says giving a lesson on an airplane was a first for her, and added, “It was inspiring to see how quickly passengers of all ages picked up the ukulele – many with no musical background.”

Hollywood insider Mike Sington tweeted images of the passengers playing, singing and cheering on the flight. Responses to the news ranged from “it would have been so fun to be on that flight,” to “Thank God for noise canceling headphones.” From the pics, though, it looks like most if not all of the passengers enjoyed the surprise.

Source: WSB TV

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