Maren Morris Doesn’t “Feel Comfortable” Going To The CMAs

Maren Morris had a very public war of words with Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany Aldean over comments Brittany made that Maren felt were transphobic, and the whole thing has made Maren less than thrilled at the idea of being at the CMA Awards with them.

In an interview with the “Los Angeles Times,” Maren says she has no regrets about her comments, and stands by calling Brittany “Insurrection Barbie.”

“Look, I’m not a victim in this and neither is she. But I don’t have feelings of kindness when it comes to humans being made fun of for questioning their identity, especially kids,” Maren says. “The whole “When they go low, we go high” thing doesn’t work with these people,” noting, “Any resistance movement is not done with kind words. And there’s a lot worse things I could’ve called her.”

As for the prospect of encountering the Aldeans at the CMAs, Maren notes, “Honestly, I haven’t decided if I’m gonna go,” sharing, “I’m very honored that my record is nominated. But I don’t know if I feel [at] home there right now.” 

She adds, “So many people I love will be in that room, and maybe I’ll make a game-time decision and go. But as of right now, I don’t feel comfortable going,” adding that now she feels, “peaceful at the notion of not going.”

Source: Yahoo

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