Willie Nelson Dropping Live Album; Details Suicide Attempt In New Book

A classic Willie Nelson concert is being released as a live album this fall. “Willie Nelson Live At Budokan,” recorded during his 1984 concert at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, is set to drop November 18th.

The live album will be released in a variety of formats including digital, CD and DVD, as well as a two-LP 12-inch vinyl, that will be released to independent record stores November 25th for Record Store Day Black Friday. PBS is also set to air “Willie Nelson Live At Budokan” November 26th.

  • ONE MORE THING! Willie’s new book, “Me and Paul: Untold Stories of a Fabled Friendship" is out now, and while the book details his longtime friendship with drummer Paul English, the book also has Willie detailing a suicide attempt back in the early days of his career. He recounts his frustrations at not being able to get his career started in Nashville, calling it a "definite low point" and noting, "depression had me in its grips."
  • Then, after drinking one night at Tootsie's he got inspired by a Lightnin' Hopkins song in which he sang about “feeling so bad until he lay his head on some lonesome railroad line and let it ease his troubled mind.”
  • Willie writes that he decided to lie down in the middle of the road on Broadway to let a car run him over, but after 15 minutes no cars came. “Was I relieved? Was I disappointed? Can't say for sure,” he writes. “All I know is that I got up, went back to Tootsie's, and had another drink." 

Source: Music Row

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