Company Makes Bread With White Crust To Decrease Food Waste

Large bologna sandwich with mustard

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A Japanese company has recently released a white crust milk bread that it hopes will curb the practice of removing the crust when making sandwiches, therefore decreasing food waste.

Tokyo Chef Sugimoto and his team at the Imperial Hotel Co., Ltd. spent six months developing this innovative type of bread. People have been coming up with all sorts of ways to recycle bread crusts in order to curb food waste, but Chef Sugimoto’s idea was to create a crust that didn’t have to be discarded in the first place.

Although Imperial Hotel didn't completely disclose the secret behind its new white crust bread, it did mention that it is baked slowly at a lower temperature than regular shokupan bread, which results in a white color all through the bread and a more moist texture. 

The white crust bread will be served in the Imperial Hotel’s restaurants and at banquets, but people will also be able to purchase it from Gargantua Delicatessen, a luxury bakery that has been operating since 1971.

Link: Oddity Central

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