List Of The Most Common Household Arguments

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It’s pretty common for couples to fight, and often those arguments are over everyday household issues. Well, now a new report reveals what some of the most common household arguments are about.

A new UK survey, which could easily translate here, finds:

  • The average household gets into at least two arguments a day.
  • 80% of people admit those arguments are usually over trivial things.
  • 32% of women say they are the ones instigating these household arguments, compared to just 20% of men.
  • Meanwhile, 47% of women insist they win most of these arguments, compared to just 23% of men.
  • 74% of adults agree that trivial disagreements are just a part of living with others.

So, what are the most common household arguments about? Well, the survey reveals the Top 55 disagreements households have.

  • The Top 10 include (click here for the complete list):
    • Leaving dirty washing on the floor
    • Messy bedrooms
    • Leaving dirty plates next to the dishwasher rather than in it
    • Emptying the garbage but not putting in a new bag
    • Someone leaving all the lights on when they aren't in the room
    • Leaving the dishes to soak rather than just washing them up
    • Leaving toilet roll cores on the floor, windowsill etc. i.e. anywhere but the garbage
    • Not changing the empty toilet roll when the last of it is used
    • Leaving recycling next to the garbage rather than in it
    • Leaving wet towels on the floor

Source: The Mirror

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