Married Woman Spotted With 22 Tinder Notifications Sitting Next To Husband

A man holding old wedding ring

Photo: Getty Images

An unidentified woman that has 22 Tinder notifications on her cellphone has been busted on board a flight while she was presumably sitting next to her husband and kids.  A fellow plane passenger named Karima spotted the woman's notifications and filmed the phone screen, posting it to TikTok. Her clip quickly went viral with more than 4.4 million views! “Watching a girl chilling on the plane with her husband, kids, a wedding ring, and 22 tinder notifications,” Karima captioned the clip. “Maybe they have an open marriage? I am confused,” the TikToker added, before hundreds weighed in with their theories. The Tinder notifications looked like they were in Arabic, so some responded by saying their marriage definitely wasn’t open. 

Link: New York Post

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