Taco Bell Asks Fans To Vote On Which Favorite To Bring Back

For the first time in their history, Taco Bell is asking fans to vote on which fan-favorite item they want back on the menu. But it’s not a free-for-all…there are two items to choose between: the Double Decker Taco and the Enchirito. And the return is only for a ‘limited time,’ but if we know how companies are about success. And in Taco Bell’s case, look what happened with the Mexican Pizza! If you’ve been under a rock and aren’t familiar with the choices:

  • The Double Decker Taco was introduced in 1995 and is a hybrid taco - a soft flour tortilla layered with beans and wrapped around a crunchy taco shell filled with lettuce, cheddar cheese and beef.
  • But the Enchirito? A Gen Xer classic. It first appeared in 1970 and is a soft flour tortilla stuffed with beef, onions and beans with classic red sauce and melted shredded cheddar cheese. Basically, a giant enchilada.

Anyway, the voting is on now and runs through next Thursday – aka October 6th – and the winner will be unveiled Friday, October 7th. Want in? If you’re not a Taco Bell Rewards member, sign up – and you can vote daily until ‘The Bell’ announces the winner.

Source: The Fast Food Post

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