Pet Owners Share Why They Would & Wouldn’t Want Their Pets To Talk

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Do you ever wish your pet could really talk to you? Well, apparently a lot of people do, and have some real thoughts on how their pet would sound, and what they would and wouldn't want them to say. 

A new Healthy Paws survey finds:

  • 78% of pet owners believe that if their animals would start talking, dogs are probably the pet that would most likely talk like a person.
  • 60% believe that about their cats.
  • 53% of pet owners feel like their pets would have a certain tone or accent when speaking.
  • Such examples given include:
    • “A sassy, southern accent and the tone changes depending on what she wants or needs.”
    • “British” or “Boston” accent
    • One person noted, “my previous dog would have had a low, monotone voice.”
  • There are a whole host of reasons why pet owners would love it if their pets could speak, including:
    • They could explain their food preferences (61%)
    • They could tell their pet parents if something is wrong (58%)
  • But there are downsides as well:
    • 53% fear their pet would reveal their secrets.
    • 49% worry their pet wouldn’t shut up.
    • 46% are concerned their pet would insult someone.
  • When it comes to saying something mean, 33% of people think dogs are the most likely to be mean, compared to only 24% of cat owners.
  • One third think both pets are equally likely to be mean.

Source: SWNS Digital

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