The Biggest Turn-Offs Seen On Dating App Profiles

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Some people don’t seem to understand what a dating app profile is supposed to do and it shows. First dates can be awkward, but you’ll never even get to the in-person date if they don’t pass the app profile test. A Reddit thread asks, “What is the worst thing that a person can put on their bio on a dating app?”

These are the things that made people instantly swipe left:

  • “Don't waste my time”
  • “‘Whatever you want to know, Ask’….with a blank bio. If you have zero self awareness and no insight into yourself, that’s very unattractive.”
  • “When the profile is all about your dogs and there is one little picture of you in the background. I don't mind dogs but that's not what I'm dating.”
  • “If they say ‘be interesting’ it's 100% guaranteed they will be the most boring human being you've ever met and you'll have to carry the corpse of their dead conversation”
  • “Anything that expresses their preference while putting down people they aren’t attracted to. ‘I prefer tall men’... great, cool. ‘Short men are losers so don’t hmu’ yeah no, that’s a d*ck move.”
  • “‘List of complaints.’ It’s ok to list a few things, for example ‘I’m not religious’ and ‘I don’t want children.’ But if your entire profile is just complaining and making demands you’re probably an unpleasant person.”
  • “‘Touch my butt and feed me tacos.’ ‘Just looking for the Jim to my Pam.’ Astrological signs explaining why they are the way they are”
  • “Their IQ.”
  • “A list of requirements. I’m not applying for a job, I’m trying to see if we’d have a good relationship.”
  • “Alpha Male”
  • “‘Make me laugh!’ ‘Must love Dogs.’ ‘Do you agree or disagree that pineapple belongs on pizza?’”
  • “Sugar daddies welcome”
  • “‘I hate dating apps’ (like bro I don't think anyone ‘likes’ them but this just makes you sound bitter and unpleasant)”

Source: Reddit

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