Woman Learns Boyfriend Is Cheating Thanks To Alexa Device

Amazon Alexa smart assistant device connected at home

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A woman found out her boyfriend was being unfaithful thanks to some high-tech help. In a TikTok video, Jessica Lowman says that she made the discovery after accessing a secret function on her Amazon Alexa. She explains that the speaker saves all voice recordings and they can be found on a computer browser.

“So this is how I caught my ex cheating,” Jessica captions the video. “I didn’t even know Alexa stored this shizzz.” She added "One for the girls" as a text overlay for the clip, which shows her accessing her Alexa voice history before scrolling to a recording captured by the device on September 17th. Then Jessica plays the audio, which features an unknown woman’s voice asking the speaker to play the song “Power Trip” by Miguel.

Jessica then plays a second recording from just one minute later, which has the voice of her boyfriend asking Alexa to play it louder. Since the recordings were so close in time, they confirm that the boyfriend and the other woman were both inside Jessica’s home at the same time, leading her to conclude that her man was cheating. In a since-deleted follow-up video, she reveals that she’s since dumped the two-timer, telling viewers, “And just like that: I was single.” Now she’s encouraging other women to use their Alexa voice history to find out what’s happening at their homes when they’re out and commenters are cheering her for the detective work:

  • “Alexa is looking like a good Christmas present," writes one.
  • “Omggggg Alexa got your back girl,” shares another.
  • And a third comments, “Gonna buy my future man an Alexa that is logged in on my phone.”

Source: Nine.com

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