What We'd Give Up For A Stress Free Day

World Mental Health Day is October 10th and a new poll is focusing on something that affects our wellbeing: stress. The Noom and OnePoll found out that 83-percent believe everyone would benefit from focusing on their wellbeing more.

Things that stress people most include: separation from loved ones 39-percent, moving to a new community 38-percent, breakups 33-percent, burnout 32-percent, weight gain 29-percent, anxiety 29-percent, depression 25-percent, and loss of a loved one 22-percent.

What would we give up to have one stress free day? The poll showed these are the top choices:

  • Favorite meals/snacks - 45%
  • Chocolate - 43%
  • Shopping - 35%
  • Important meetings - 30%
  • A week’s worth of productivity - 30%
  • An entire paycheck - 28%
  • Exercise equipment - 28%
  • Sex - 26%
  • Moving deadlines at work - 23%
  • Instagram - 22%
  • Plans with friends - 22%
  • TikTok - 20%
  • Technological devices - 19%

If you or someone you know is facing a mental health crisis, please seek out the advice of a medical professional.

Source: SWNS

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