There’s a “Longest Game Ever” Edition Of Monopoly

Classic Monopoly Game on the Floor Midgame

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While some people love the game of Monopoly, few people actually get through an entire game because it takes so long. Well, apparently it can take even longer.

Believe it or not, the popular board game is made in what’s called a “Longest Game Ever” Edition, which is being sold exclusively through Amazon. As for why it’s longer than the regular game, it contains double the spaces around the board, with 66 properties and only one dice so you can’t earn another turn by rolling a double, and it can’t end until every single property on the board has an owner. Bankruptcy won’t even help you escape. Pus, you’re not allowed to auction off any property, so if a set of properties is split between players there’s no way to rectify that.

And Monopoly certainly seems to know how to market the game, with the cover of the box featuring the Monopoly man asleep on a tortoise while holding an alarm clock. 

  • As for who would want to play this way, that’s anybody’s guess, but it doesn’t exactly get glowing reviews online. As one person noted, “I played this once and it took six and a half years to complete. When finished, my baby was all grown up and my dog had died.” And as another shared, “Is this a good game? No. Is it a great way to punish unruly children? Yes.”

Source: New York Post

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