The Latest Wedding Trend: Pet Attendants

For most dog owners, their pooches are part of the family so of course they want their furbabies to be part of important events in their lives, particularly their wedding day. But as much as we love our dogs, they can be unpredictable, and apparently that has led to a rise in a new wedding day must – a pet attendant. 

So, what exactly does a pet attendant do? Basically their job is to make sure everything goes smoothly with the furry friend at the wedding, and especially make sure the happy couple doesn’t have to deal with any accidents on the big day. While they have been around a while, the trend seems to be growing, possibly due to the pandemic, since a lot of people adopted dogs during lockdown.

And it’s not about just having someone show up on the big day to dog sit the pooch. Most pet attendants meet with couples before the big day to learn about the dog or dogs they’ll be handling like their breed, quirks, personality level, fears, pretty much anything that might cause them to be a disruption at the wedding. Some may even spend time training the pooch to walk down the aisle, plus they usually get the dog to the wedding, take them on walks to burn of their energy, make sure they have enough potty breaks, are fed and given water, and get them dressed for the big day.

Of course this is just one more thing that’s going to add to a couple’s wedding budget. Some charge as much as $200 an hour. But it’s apparently a small price to pay to have a four-legged family member be there for the most important day in a couple’s life.

Source: USA Today

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