Have Ya Heard Of “Quiet Constraint?” It Is The Newest Workplace Trend

We’ve heard a lot about quiet quitting lately, when employees put in less effort at work and do the bare minimum. But apparently there’s another trend that’s sweeping the workplace.

  • A new survey by Kahoot! Finds that “Quiet Constraint,” where employees hold back valuable knowledge, is now a big thing corporate America.
  • In fact, 58% of all employees say they hold back important info that they could share with their colleagues.
  • That number goes up to 77% for Gen Z.
  • So, why are they holding back this info?
  • 26% say it’s simply because they were never asked.
  • Another 23% say their employer doesn’t give them a means to share their knowledge.
  • 26% say their talent and self-expression is stifled at their job. 

And that’s not the only problem facing employers these days. Apparently boredom is a big issue as well.

  • 87% of employees admit to being bored at work.
  • Big reasons for that is online virtual team meetings and presentations.
  • 32% of workers say they check out of virtual presentations.
  • And another 31% check out of virtual team meetings.
  • In fact, many employees are doing other things during virtual meetings, including:
    • 45% are responding to email.
    • 23% of women are doodling.
    • 21% of men exercise..
    • 23% play with their pets.
    • 20% nap.
    • 18% are working on their side hustle.
    • 11% of younger workers have attended two meetings at the same time.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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