A Lot Of Americans Have Never Seen Snow

While there are some people who love all that summer has to offer when it comes to vacations, there are others who just can’t wait for winter and snow to start falling. But it turns out there are a lot of people in this country who have never actually experienced the white powdery stuff.

A new Motel 6 poll about winter travel plans finds:

  • 55% of Americans regularly experience show where they live, while 21% sometimes experience it.
  • But 25% of Americans never experience snow where they live.
  • Of that group, 54% have never actually seen snow in person.
  • And there are plenty of winter travelers who have never done any fun winter activities, including:
    • Snowboarding (46%)
    • Skiing (42%)
    • Ice skating (38%)
    • Sledding (33%)
    • Build a snowman (33%)
    • Have a snowball fight (30%)
    • Drink hot chocolate (24%)
  • 72% of Americans hope to see snow during the holiday season, and some will travel to do so.
  • In fact, 23% plan to head to the Northeast, and 21% are going to the Midwest, where they could experience snow.
  • The average person will cross three states for their winter travel.
  • And when it comes to their winter vacations, 50% off those polled expect them to feel comfortable, while 47% say they’ll be joyful and 41% say they’ll be peaceful.
  • And apparently for some their winter trips will be filled with new experiences, with 71% of people saying they are more likely to try something new on a winter vacation as opposed to a summer one.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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