People Share Their Experiences Living Somewhere Haunted

Halloween is finally here, and for many that means going out and finding a great place to get their spook on. But some people don’t have to leave their homes to get scared, as many believe where they are living is haunted.

Well, now some of those people are sharing their experiences living in a haunted place thanks to a thread on the anonymous Whisper app.

Revelations include:

  • “My mother never believed my apartment was haunted until she saw the unknown woman walk into a wall. I’m glad she finally believes me now.”
  • “I’m convinced my apartment is haunted. Woke up this morning with all my lights on and curtains open.”
  • “I was in my living room trying to convince my friend that my apartment was haunted…she didn’t believe me until my lamp turned on by itself.”
  • “I want to move. Last night I saw a half man/half goat thing glide across my living room floor in the dark. I was sober and totally awake. I’ve been feeling weird vibes here for a minute, but now it’s confirmed.”
  • “Not a believer in the paranormal…but some freaky stuff has been going on at my house. Doors closing, things being misplaced and creepy noises. P.S. I live with my one-year-old and I doubt she’s playing a prank.”
  • “We think our house may be haunted because our cat keeps howling at the basement door. The basement door won’t open and our cat never howls.”
  • “Pretty sure our house is haunted. The ghost likes to turn off the lights when we leave the room. I consider him a butler but I call him Phil (my boyfriend doesn’t find this as funny as I do.”
  • “My fiancée and I believe that our apartment is haunted by a male spirit. He is focused more on her than me and doesn’t like when we have sex.”

Source: Whisper

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