Here's How Much Productivity Workers Lose Over Tech Issues

How much time do you spend at your job but not working because of tech issues? The average worker loses more than 100 minutes of productivity a week because of workplace tech problems, according to a new survey. And that’s enough to send half of them searching for a new job.

The poll of 1-thousand hybrid or remote workers and 1-thousand IT professionals finds 42% have applied to other jobs in search of better tech, but didn’t actually switch jobs and 11% have changed jobs for better technology.

The survey results also reveal:

  • 20% of respondents report “always” having bad experiences with their workplace tech, leading to an average of 18 frustrations during the work week and adding up to 102 minutes of lost productivity a week.
  • Specific frustrations workers deal with daily include slow websites (35%), a lack of access to certain online resources while working from home (28%), needing to restart their computer (28%) and having to troubleshoot problems by themselves (25%).
  • Some of the issues are related to using old technology, with a quarter of those polled reporting that the tech they use for work is at least five years old.
  • Nearly all of the respondents (93%) say if companies invested more in their technology, employee satisfaction and retention would go up.
  • And 77% say they’d be more committed to their job if their companies provided them with better tech.

Source: Study Finds

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