Everything You Need To Know About Season Five Of "The Crown"

The long-awaited fifth season of Netflix "The Crown" is finally here! Before you pop the popcorn and settle in to binge-watch, here's everything you need to know before rejoining the Royals.

Season Five: Just like the first four seasons, season five consists of 10 episodes - and they're all out right now. The season five episodes are entitled: Queen Victoria Syndrome, The System, Mou Mou, Annus Horribilis, The Way Ahead, Ipatiev House, No Woman's Land, Gunpowder, COUPLE 31 and Decommissioned. All previous episodes of "The Crown" are available to watch now if you want to refresh your memory before diving into the new season.

The Cast: A whole new group of actors take over, as the Royal Family ages. Season Five will cover the years 1990-2003. Queen Elizabeth II will now be played by Imelda Staunton (best known in the US as Dolores Umbridge from the Harry Potter movies); Other big names taking part in the new season are Dominic West, who is playing Prince Charles, and Lesley Manville, who is playing Princess Margaret.

What Will Be Covered: One of the biggest storylines will be the breakdown of Charles and Diana's marriage and the notorious ‘tampongate’ phone call between the King and Queen Consort. What else will we see?

  • Reconstructions of the most private of conversations in detail, imagined chats between Prince William and his late mother, and Diana's infamous interview with Martin Bashir.
  • It will also feature the Queen making a speech on the 40th anniversary of her ascension in 1992, in which she called the year an "annus horriblis" - referring to the breakdown of three of her children's marriages; Prince AndrewPrincess Anne's and Prince Charles' divorce from Princess Diana.
  • Other notable events during the time period included a fire at Windsor Castle and the Queen's golden wedding anniversary in 1997.

One of the most controversial aspects of the series is how it will tackle the death of Diana, with Netflix facing scrutiny over the decision to recreate the final days of Princess Diana, shooting some scenes in Paris, where she died. Netflix has insisted that the 'exact moment' of the crash will not be shown.

Season Five of "The Crown" started streaming on Netflix early this morning. Try not to watch it at work!

Source: Daily Mail

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