Survey Says Most Americans Feel Too Much Vacation Pressure To Enjoy It

Most of us can’t wait to go on vacation, but that doesn’t mean everyone has fun when they finally take a trip. A new survey finds two in three (65%) Americans admit they feel too much pressure during their vacation to actually enjoy the trip.

The poll of 2-thousand adults also reveals:

  • Nearly a quarter (23%) of respondents say they haven’t physically relaxed on their vacation in two years or longer.
  • During a week-long trip, the average person doesn’t actually start relaxing until three days into the getaway.
  • So what’s keeping people from having fun on vacation? More than half (62%) are worried they’re wasting their time in tourist traps or not experiencing the best of the destination. Other top reasons given include not having enough money (30%), making sure their credit cards work domestically or abroad (29%), and feeling like they won’t get to do or see everything they planned (29%).
  • Two-thirds say they need a vacation when they feel burned out in their daily lives and two in five (37%) try to take a trip every year to avoid that feeling.
  • Once they take that trip, three-quarters of those surveyed say they feel like themselves again and they believe traveling is good for their mental health.
  • In order to get more paid time off from work, people said they would be willing to give up commuting benefits (34%), summer Fridays (34%), complimentary food (32%), holiday parties (27%) and even a raise or promotion (25%) just to have more vacation days.

Source: SWNS Digital

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