Most Americans Ditch Healthy Habits At End Of Year

A quarter of Americans are still carrying the weight they gained last year, according to new research, but that’s motivating them to eat healthy to try to shed those pounds. In fact, a new survey finds that they’re still planning to be unhealthy this year and 40% are using the end of the year as an excuse to postpone eating healthily.

Herbalife Nutrition’s fifth annual “Writing Off the End of the Year” survey also reveals:

  • 60% of Americans polled who plan to ditch healthy habits have already started, admitting that mid-November is their cut-off.
  • They also know that can lead to more weight, with the average person expecting to gain five and a half pounds before 2023 … and that’s on top of the weight they gained last holiday season.
  • But it’s not just Americans making unhealthy choices at the end of the year. In addition to the 2-thousand Americans in this year’s survey, 27-hundred international respondents from five different countries were polled. And 53% of all respondents admit to breaking a diet at the end of the year, with 37% saying they do so specifically because of the temptation of holiday food.
  • That may be why 49% say they’re waiting until the new year to try to lose weight.
  • And some of those surveyed take their eating to extremes, as 41% confess they’ve eaten more than one dessert at a meal and 35% admit they’ve eaten more than one of the same meals in a day, like two dinners.
  • All that eating adds to the waistline, as 26% of respondents say they’ve eaten so much they’ve needed to undo a button or loosen their belt (24%), or deliberately wore stretchy clothing to accommodate overeating (19%).
  • Many of those surveyed are planning to start 2023 with a clean slate, 63% plan to take a “New Year, New Me” attitude in the New Year.
  • Nearly half (46%) say that new attitude includes making a New Year’s resolution and many of those are focused on improving health. The most common resolutions are saving more money (57%), wanting to eat healthier (55%) and exercising more (54%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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