List: The Most Popular Pet Names Of 2022’s 10th annual Top Pet Names Report is out, revealing not only the most popular dog and cat names of 2022, but also the pop culture icons and food preferences some pets are named after. The pet care website uses the millions of pet names submitted by pet parents to come up with their list, analyzing them to find the most influential trends.

The most popular male dog names for 2022 are Max, Charlie, Cooper, Milo, Buddy, Rocky, Bear, Teddy, Duke and Leo. Top female dog names of the year are Luna, Bella, Daisy, Lucy, Lily. Zoe, Lola, Sadie, Bailey and Stella.

For cats, the overall top names for males are Oliver, Milo, Leo, Charlie, Max, Loki, Simba, Jack, Ollie and Jasper. The top female names are Luna, Lily, Bella, Lucy, Nala, Callie, Kitty, Cleo, Willow and Chloe. notes that some surprising food-related names have become much more popular over the past year:

  • Hotpot is up 1,085%, the biggest jump in the dog category.
  • Other food-related dog names with big boosts include Sashimi (up 785%), Pastrami (up 485%), Yerba (also up 485%) and Calzone (up 435%).
  • The dog names Bologna, Feta, Oat, Morel, Maple Syrup, Paneer, Cauliflower and Vodka were all up at least 85% and Turkey is up 43% this year.
  • Other boozy dog names that have seen a jump in 2022 include Truly (up 74%), Gin (up 62%) and Mai Tai (up 51%).
  • Food and beverage newcomer dog names for 2022 include Doritos, Cheddar Cheese, Gazpacho, Stroopwafel, Taco Bella, McRiblet, Miller Lite and Dunk’N.
  • As for the top food and beverage-inspired cat names, those include Roll (up 182%), Green Bean (up 162%), Casserole (up 102%), S’More (up 102%), Gravy (up 51%), Chardonnay (up 82%), Cappuccino (up 82%) and White Claw (up 32%).

Source: Food and Wine

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