Check Out Sheryl Crow's Holiday Movie, "When Christmas Was Young"

Sheryl Crow has had a more-than-successful music career - from touring with Michael Jackson to recording with Stevie Wonder and Jimmy Buffett to her own incredible solo career. It would be understandable if she just wanted to take it easy, but instead, the singer is branching into films.

While filmwork isn't familiar ground, it's not totally foreign: Crow has recorded songs for movie soundtracks like "Point Break" and "Stone Cold". So her new role as executive producer for the CBS Christmas film "When Christmas Was Young" - a movie that involves musicians and is set in Nashville - shouldn't be that big of a leap for her. Oh, and she's also written and recorded the title song for the movie. The film stars Tyler Hilton as a desperate music manager in search of a song, and Karen David as the retired musician who wrote the song - and won't let him have it. Cue the conflict and the romantic sparks!

You can see the trailer here - and see the whole movie on CBS on December 18.

Source: ETOnline

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