Why The Holidays Are Most Sleepless Time Of Year

While many feel the holiday season is the most wonderful time, it’s also the most sleepless time of the year for a third of Americans, new research finds. A poll of 2-thousand adults finds that those hosting friends and family during the holidays lose an average of two and a half hours of sleep per day while getting ready to have guests stay in their home. And for Gen Z it’s worse, as they’re most likely to lose at least four hours of sleep a day when prepping for guests.

The poll reveals:

  • Guests don’t always sleep well at someone else’s house, as 75% say they feel compelled to go to bed and wake up at the same time as their host.
  • 32% of respondents say they’re usually both hosts and guests sometime during the holiday season, while 17% are only hosts and 18% are only guests.
  • To make sure you don’t overstay your welcome as a guest, about half (49%) of those surveyed think spending four or more days is too many. But it doesn’t seem to be much of a problem as 79% say their guests say four nights or less.
  • When it comes to staying with their partner at their family’s home, some generations are more shy than others. Gen Z (70%) and baby boomers (85%) are less likely to feel awkward about sleeping in the same bed as their partner compared to Gen X (30%) and millennials (31%).
  • Top reasons respondents give for why this is the most sleepless time of the year include excitement for the season (33%), stress around getting ready for guests (25%), indulging in too many holiday treats (21%) and holiday movie marathons (20%).
  • Seven in 10 hosts say they make special adjustments to guest beds and rooms to make sure their guests sleep well during the holidays.
  • Nearly a third of guests (30%) say they bring their own bedding when staying over and while 12% are worried about offending their host, 70% of respondents say they wouldn’t feel insulted by that.
  • A quarter of guests admit they would snoop in the nightstand in the guest room, with Gen Z being most likely to do so (30%).
  • And some guests actually clean up after themselves, especially baby boomers as 72% of them say they always do when staying at someone’s home.

Source: SWNS

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