Here's Marie Kondo’s Rule To Tell If Your Home Is “Cluttered”

There’s a fine line between making your home feel personal and not cluttered. But we all have personal items and sentimental things that we want to display - even Marie Kondo, the organizational guru and most famous tidier of our time. So how does the Japanese-born consultant, Netflix star, and multi-best-selling author differentiate between clutter and personal pieces?

In her new book, Kurashi at Home, Kondo says to decide if something is clutter, visualize your ideal home, explaining that each room should have its own “personal flair.” Tidying, according to her KonMari Method, means only keeping the items that spark joy for you, so the number of belongings you keep is up to you. But regardless of whether you’re someone who likes a living room filled with old books and mementos or someone who wants only some art on the walls and not much else, she says you’ll know when your space feels cluttered when the items and decor on display no longer spark joy. And when that happens, she says “it may be time to reorganize.”

So what if you feel every item sparks joy, but you’re struggling to keep the space tidy? Kondo has a fix for that, too. “If you find that you love everything in your space, but it still feels cluttered, then try giving every item a home,” she explains. That means putting tech items neatly in a drawer, keeping paperwork filed away and helping kids put their toys back in designated spaces every day. Kondo says giving all your items a home can “remove that sense of clutter you may feel.”

Source: Homes and Gardens

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