For Happiness, Getting More Sleep Is Better Than Extra Money

Getting a good night’s sleep can make you feel incredible and new research shows just how much. A survey of 2-thousand adults looks at the connection between happiness and sleep and finds that when it comes to boosting happiness, getting more sleep may be better than having extra money in the bank.

The poll also reveals:

  • Nearly half of respondents (43%) say getting more sleep can increase their happiness more than getting a raise or a promotion (36%).
  • Four in 10 of those who say they’re “very happy” with their lives are more likely to get “excellent” sleep.
  • While 72% feel present in their daily lives, 18% report only feeling that way an average of three days a week.
  • The main reasons respondents don’t feel present in their lives include a lack of quality sleep (45%), stress (43%), not exercising (38%), lack of a social life (34%) and feeling burned out from their home lives (33%).
  • To boost their happiness, people say they need to feel less stressed (45%), more rested (43%) and to spend more time with their kids (38%).
  • The average respondent experiences 10 sleepless nights a month. That may be why 71% of those surveyed feel like superheroes when they do sleep through the night.
  • Being well-rested can lead to more good things, as 40% say they’re more likely to eat healthier and 35% say they’re more likely to go to the gym if they sleep well.
  • Just over half of those in a relationship (56%) say their lousy sleep could negatively impact their partner’s sleep. But with good sleep, four in five are more likely to be intimate with their partner.

Source: SWNS Digital

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