Luke Grimes Doesn't Know How "Yellowstone" Will End

Luke Grimes might be getting busier thanks to his upcoming album, but he’s still on the hook playing Kayce Dutton for a while. In fact, Grimes doesn’t even know when Yellowstone will end! Appearing on “The Tonight Show”, Grimes let Jimmy Fallon know that series creator Taylor Sheridan didn’t want Grimes to know when the show ends, as it could impact how he plays his character.

“I don’t think Taylor, who writes our show, wants me to know, either. I don’t know — it might affect the way you do something or play something. And it’s kind of fun to experience it this way, anyway. It’s sort of like life,” Sheridan told Jimmy.

Despite the uncertainty, Grimes will continue to stay busy. The actor is set to begin recording his album in February, and believes that he should have a complete album to release in March. It’s a tight turnaround, but necessary since he’s needed back at the Dutton Ranch for more “Yellowstone.”

Source: Youtube/The Tonight Show

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