Delta Rolls Out Free Wi-Fi

Things are about to get a little easier for passengers flying Delta. The airline is rolling out free Wi-Fi to most of its planes starting February 1st and full availability on international and regional aircraft will happen by the end of 2024. Delta claims it’s the first major U.S. airline to add fast, free Wi-Fi for all flights, as United Airlines and American Airlines both charge for access, which Delta currently also does.

Passengers will need to be a member of Delta’s free Skymiles loyalty program to get the on-board Internet, as those who aren’t members will have to pay a flat fee of $10. When passengers board the plane, they’ll be able to know if their flight has free Wi-Fi from a decal near the boarding door. And they’ll also be able to connect multiple devices at one time.

“We didn’t just want free Wi-Fi to offer base-level service – we wanted it to be transformative for the entire onboard experience,” explains Delta CEO Ed Bastian. “It is imperative all customers onboard can enjoy their favorite content just as they would at home, and we’ve put this system through meticulous tests to make that possible.”

Source: Delta News

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